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Your cute one can now get uninterrupted 12 hours of sleep with Marvel Baby Diapers.

Made with ultra-absorbent layers, extra leakage protection and wetness indicators.

  • Anti Leak Leg Cuffs

    Unique Leg Cuff prevents leaks, Soft and fitted leakage guards help stop leakage to minimize accidents, you can use them far more safely.

  • Breathable Back Sheet

    The soft, breathable & waterproof back sheet enables the air to flow to maximize skin safety.

  • Wetness Indicator

    The wetness indicator gets activated when in contact with urine & completely disappears once the diaper is wet to its maximum capacity indicating diaper change for maximum comfort.

  • Super Adhesive Velcro System

    The refasten able frontal Velcro tapes provide a strong grip & also enable multiple removal & refastening of the diaper during adjustment.

  • Super Absorbency

    Advanced Absorbent system for a clean & dry feel. The ultra absorbent layer improves the absorption rate and greatly reduces the risk of leakage and any potential feeling of wetness.

" The perfect choice for your precious little one”

New Born Baby Diapers

Welcome your baby to a World of soft & leak-free diapers!

Baby Diapers


Baby Diapers


Baby Diapers


Baby Diapers

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Products Registered with National Medicines Regulatory Authority Minister of Health Sri Lanka.

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