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Today we celebrate yet another International Women's Day proudly encouraging women all around the world with the theme being ‘Think Equal. Build Smart. Innovate for Change’. It is indeed a celebration of the contribution of women in the development of the country and the efforts they put in for the progress and betterment of society.

In order to create comfort for these striving women of our country, Marvel Marketing (Pvt) Ltd has shown a rapid growth & development in marketing their products to meet the ever risings demand for their ladies’ sanitary products amongst all the other sanitary brands available in Sri Lanka. It is one of the highly reputed & widely recognized companies for marketing sanitary products for women.

Apart from their ladies, sanitary products Marvel Marketing (Pvt) Ltd has also introduced sanitary products for children (baby diapers) as well as adults (adult diapers). The production factory of Marvel Marketing (Pvt) Ltd is responsible for the production and distribution of Lady Wet Tissues especially for women and Baby Wet Wipes for children and babies.

Amongst all the other Lady products of Marvel Marketing (Pvt) Ltd, Marvel Sanitary Napkins hold a special place because of their perfect design which maximises absorption and provides complete protection. The packaging of these products are highly space saving which makes them travel friendly and therefore Marvel Sanitary Napkins are very easy to be carried in every lady’s hand bag. Apart from this Marvel Panty Liner make it a lot more easier to spend the busy pre and post menstrual days in comfort and ease. Due to the side protection features available in them leakage is prevented completely providing extra protection. Their pleasant fragrance which is safe for the skin is a huge plus point.

Next, on the list are the  Marvel Tampons which are especially designed for active women in order to make their busy lives more comfortable during those days of the months by preventing any leakage thus providing maximum protection for extra comfort and ease.  

For women who spend most of their time outdoors managing with dust and sun, Marvel Marketing (Pvt) Ltd has introduced Marvel Wet Tissues to clean up their face after a busy day outside. Also, these tissues are perfect to remove makeup off their face. This is a product with a high demand among Sri Lankan women and the company offers them in various fragrances too.

Winning the trust of mothers all over the island, Marvel Marketing (Pvt) Ltd imports several Marvel products suitable for your baby such as baby diapers, diaper pants, baby blankets, cot sheets and nappies. Apart from these Marvel Guard Adult Diapers are also which are designed specifically for old and aged elders of our society.

Marvel Disinfecting Wet Wipes is yet another product of the company which can be especially used for household appliances & surfaces.

Being a tropical country, sweating is a common problem both women and men face here. If the odor and sweat patches are causing discomfort then the latest product of Marvel Marketing (Pvt) Ltd, Marvel Underarm Sweat Pads can be your best solution. This is a product suitable for both men and women and it is designed in a way that you can stick them on to your clothes.

Most important of all is fact that all these products are registered under the Ministry of Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine.     

Apart from fulfilling the objectives of the company, Marvel Marketing (Pvt) Ltd is also involved in many Co-operate Social Responsibilities Projects with the aim of providing support to the development of our nation. One such project has been the donation of Diapers for Infants in Children's Hospitals for three years and the distribution of the same is being officially done in the hospital premises.   

All of the Marvel products are available at all pharmacies and supermarkets island-wide. It is also possible to order the products online by visiting their website www.marvel.lk or their Facebook page, Marvel Marketing (Pvt) Ltd. Once ordered the products will be delivered to your doorstep. Marvel Lady wishes all the Sri Lankan women a very happy hygiene women’s day. For more information, contact - 0765313116.

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