Marvel Under Pads - 10pcs
Marvel Adult Care

Marvel Under Pads - 10pcs

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Marvel underpads provide total protection for your beddings.

Suitable for protecting bed linen and furniture.

How to use:

1. Remove pad from packaging

2. Open and unfold pad.

3. Place the Disposable  Hygienic Underpad down over the desired surface.

Super Soft Top Layer - Channeling System Hydrophilic Top Sheet traps liquid inside ensuring a comfortable, dry and fresh feeling.

Channeling System - Channeling top layer is designed to disperse large deposits of liquid fast, protecting the surface and keeping the skin dry and clean.

Fast Acting Absorbency - SAP (Super Absorbent Polymers) absorb and expand hygienically locking away liquid spills and odors.

Superior Backing Sheet - Breathable PE prevents fluid leakage and keeps the surface clean. Our extended backing sheet can be tucked into objects to hold securely in position or folded neatly beneath.

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