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Why you will love marvel tampons?

Marvel Tampons are a perfect choice for an active lifestyle, be it shopping, a night out or even wearing a bikini.

Using Marvel Non-Applicator Tampons

In 4 Easy Steps

New to Tampons?

  • The good news is that non – applicator tampons are easy to use when you know how.

  • Relax….there’s nothing to worry about! Wash your hands and unwrap the tampon by twisting the wrappers. Hold the rounded end in one hand and remove the wrapper from the cord end.

  • Pull out the cord, check the ends are knotted together and give it a little tug to check it’s secure. If not, try a different tampon. Position your finger on the cord end of the tampon and remove the upper part of the wrapper. Now find a comfy position, either sitting on the toilet or squatting with your knees apart.

  • With your free hand, gently open the folds of skin around the vagina and position the rounded end of the tampon at the vaginal opening. Push the tampon into the vagina using index finger, aiming upwards and backwards towards the small of your back. If you can still feel the tampon then use your index finger to push it a little bit further. You will know its correctly positioned when you can no longer feel it, and don’t worry you can’t push it too far. When inserted the cord will hang outside your body ready for removal. Now wash your hands again.

  • To remove your tampon, relax and gently pull the cord. If the tampon feels tightly held, leave it a bit longer but ensure it is changed at least every 4 to 5 hours. If the tampon still feels tightly held after this time, remove it and try using a lower absorbency tampon in future. The used tampon can be wrapped securely and disposed of with normal household waste.

Tampon Dos and Don’ts

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