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Under Pads ( Disposable Hygienic)

1O pcs (Unisex)

Under Pads ( Disposable Hygenic)

1O pcs (Unisex)

Stay Comfort Everyday

with Marvel Under Pads

Disposable hygienic under pads are designed to provide an extra layer of protection and comfort for individuals dealing with incontinence or needing additional hygiene support. These pads are highly absorbent, featuring multiple layers to lock in moisture and prevent leaks. They come with a waterproof backing to protect bedding, furniture, or any surface from wetness and stains. The soft, top layer ensures skin stays dry and irritation-free, making them ideal for use in homes, hospitals, and care facilities. Easy to use and dispose of, these under pads offer a convenient and sanitary solution for maintaining cleanliness and comfort.

Disposable Hygienic Under Pads

Protection for Beds & Cots

Storage and safe Usage

Please store in cool dry place, free of moisture and high temperatures. Marvel Guard product and packaging should be kept in a safe place and out of the reach of children

Disposal Instructions

This product is disposable and cannot be washed or re used please dispose of properly by rolling product into a tight package and placing in to rubbish bin. Never attempt to flush marvel Guard product.

Care for our Enivronment

Please be thoughtful and care for our planet by Disposing of marvel GURAD PRODUCT AND Packaging [properly to give our earth a bright future.

Direction for use

Suitable for protecting bed linen and furniture.

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